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"When I decided to volunteer at St Lucia oprhanage I didn't know what awaited me and I didn't know it would become kind of a home for me. During my stay I learned many things about the programs like Vicoba where women can take out micro-credits, about preventing diseases and caring for (HIV) infected people. Tanzanian life and traditions were an interesting experience I can recommend to everyone who likes adventure and different cultures!

But the most important part of my time in Arusha were those wonderful orphans who always made me smile. It was always fun playing together, preparing meals, learning some swahili, going to hospital, managing all day life - and sharing love. Supporting these cute children, who don't have caring families, and working together with them is not just a very touching experience - it's the greatest gift one could get!"

Mariela Samstag - Germany

"For me it was a great experience to work at St. Lucia, although I could only stay for three weeks. It was eye-opening how different life can be from what we know in Germany. Sitting in the sun washing clothes with your own hands or cooking on woodfire for all the kids and the staff, often having no electricity or running water.

I experienced at St. Lucia that it doesn't need much to make children happy. They just enjoy the time you're spending with them, that someone is there to love and care for them. For me it was life-changing to get to know a way of living without all the luxury we have in Germany. It's worth it and we can learn a lot from the Tanzanians if we take the challenge to move ourselves out of the comfort-zone. "

Melanie Krauter - Germany