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St. Lucia Programs:

Community Based Services
St Lucia recruits and trains a team of about 25 volunteer community health workers to provide healthcare education and services to thousands of community members affected by chronic diseases including HIV/AIDS. These volunteer community health workers, some of whom are persons living with HIV/AIDS, work closely with village leaders to mobilize resources and link vulnerable patients and groups of people with appropriate service providers.

The goals of the community health workers are to ensure patient adherence to lifesaving drugs, teach basic nursing skills to primary caregivers, provide confidential HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, and to combat the social stigma of HIV/AIDS through education to the community. The Director joins the community health workers in attending village meetings to teach the importance of proper hand washing, nutrition, lifestyles that may aid in the prevention of AIDS, diabetes and cancer.

In partnership with Mt. Meru Hospital, the government facility in Arusha, the Director trains hospital staff in the delivery of palliative care and meets monthly with a team of nurses, a doctor and a pharmacologist. This team visits patients identified by the community health workers, living in remote villages, who are in need of urgent care but are unable to travel to the hospital.

Home for abandoned children with life threatening diseases
Many orphaned children born HIV-positive or with other serious illnesses have no family member willing or able to take care of them. At any given time, approximately 20 children make St Lucia their home. The children arrive at St Lucia in extremely poor health often in the advanced stages of their disease. With intensive nursing care, proper nutrition and medication, many children gain sufficient strength and improved health to be returned to the care of extended family members who have been trained by St Lucia staff. Some children die from opportunistic diseases; some die from AIDS. St Lucia's Home has cared for over 75 children since its founding.

Hospice Services
St Lucia provides end of life palliative care to terminally ill adults, for whom there is no alternative, who are in need of treatment to sustain their lives, or who wish to die in peace and with dignity. Services include pain management, psychological and spiritual support, and access to medication and treatment.

"I believe strongly in the partnership approach and in working with other stakeholders to provide services, training, information and other resources.

I also believe in working with communities to explore and develop personal and local supports to help strengthen and deepen the ability, capacity and resilience of individuals and families when coping with sickness, caring for someone who is ill or grieving the death of a loved one.

-- Winfrida Mwashala
Founder and Director

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